Congratulations! You’re in!

Now what?

Step 1. Fill out the Holistic Health Inventory and decide what areas and in what order you want to start your lifestyle changes.

Step 2. Meet and connect with your Conscious Mentors on social media. Once the program starts, you’ll be able to connect with them directly via email. One of the perks of registering.

Step 3. Make sure to check your inbox on October 15 where you will find your copy of LOVE Yourself in 90 Days Workbook Journal.

About Holistic Health Inventory

Use this inventory as a checklist and a way to increase self-awareness. You can use it as part of your journal prompts for self exploration – a way to collect relevant information about where you’re at.

As you begin to explore your own Holistic Health Inventory, be gentle and honest with yourself. It won’t be helpful to take an inventory with an attitude of judgment or condemnation.

  • 0 or leave blank if it doesn’t apply to you
  • 1 if it happens occasionally
  • 2 if it happens frequently
  • add up your points

Here’s to a healthier and happier YOU!


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