LOVE Yourself Project

The LOVE Yourself Project: transformative ideas inspiring change through cross-cultural learning, purposeful gatherings, and shared services.

The LOVE Interns June 2020

This special group of interns consistently participated and offered to help with our programming and digital assets.

Elizabeth Krajewski

VirtuWell Business Solutions

Lily Kilbey

Fresh Eyes Online

Maria Kusnadi


Rosie Ignacz

Intentional Expressions

Ru Adegoke

Yours Virtually Online

Hi! I’m Ren

Ren works diligently to ensure the LOVE Yourself Project has an awesome online presence. She is a talented wordsmith with a knack for all things digital. Ren resides in Tucson, Arizona, and while many of us sleep, she is busy creating the graphics and emails for our events. She is passionate about what she does and it shows every day in the work she produces. As a well-versed and creative digital marketing professional, Ren is a true asset to our team.

Hi! I’m Celine

LOVE Yourself Project is Celine’s vision of bringing together a variety of like-minded individuals to share insights on life and business, with a special focus on global-living and female empowerment. Celine is a Canadian living in Spain and enjoying the expat and digital nomad life to the fullest. She is not only amazing at networking, matchmaking, and organizing events, and builds stunning websites. None of us would be here without Celine.