Volunteer in Spain

Calling all native English speakers who are looking for a cultural adventure in Spain!

Looking for an excuse to travel to Spain, meet new people, eat delicious food and talk all-day long? If you answered “YES”, you should apply as a native English speaker volunteer for English Getaway, Diverbo, VaughnTown or Estacion Inglesa. These are some of the main companies in Spain that offer English immersion programs and specifically, companies that we have volunteered for.

John started volunteering as a native English speaker for Diverbo back in 2011 during his first visit to Spain. He loved it so much that when I first came to Spain with him at the beginning of 2013, we volunteered together. It brought back memories of summer camp…the intense relationships you have with others and the feeling you have like you have known each other forever.

How to get started?

Visit the website of each company to learn about their offering and location options.

What’s involved?

Once you have chosen the company, program and date(s), fill out their application form and wait……If you need an answer sooner than 5 weeks before travelling, make sure you mention it in your application form.

What’s next?

Once you receive your acceptance email, do a happy dance and email the company back with your acceptance of their offer. Book your plane tickets, pre and post program accommodation and email the company back with your travel details.

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